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24. November 2012

How to Attract More Likes on Your Facebook Fan Page

The increased popularity of the social media has provided business establishments with new ways of promoting their businesses. Businesses no longer have to spend a huge amount of resources advertising their businesses through electronic media and other forms of advertising. Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have become the new frontier through which business establishments make their businesses visible.

Attract Likes on Facebook Fan Page

Facebook Fan Page

How to attract likes on one’s Facebook Fan Page is the question that many business individuals ask themselves. This is informed by the fact that the more the likes a Facebook Fan Page has, the more visible it is and the higher the probability of increasing revenues. There are a number of strategies that a person can use to attract more likes on their face book page. Some of these strategies include:

Inviting your Facebook friends

On the Facebook Fan Page in the admin section, Facebook prompts a person to invite their friends. Your friends are believed to be your best advocators in an online platform as well as offline . The more friends you invite, the higher the chances of you attracting more likes. Friends can also be instrumental in influencing their friends to like your Facebook Fan Page which means you will end up getting more likes.

Inclusion of your link in every email signature you send

The inclusion of a signature has become a popular phenomenon among many people across the globe. It’s therefore important that you include a link of your Facebook Fan Page in your email signature . This increases the chances of your recipients clicking on that link while reading their mail just to find out what is interesting about your Facebook Fan Page. By so doing, you end up attracting more likes to your Facebook Fan Page.

Network with other Facebook Fan Page owners

Building a strong rapport with other individuals who have pages on Facebook is one of the best ways through which you can attract likes on your Facebook Fan Page. You need to share ideas with other page managers on how you can promote your pages and attract more likes. The major emphasis should be on cross-promotion where posts are shared on different platforms of the various pages. This serves to increase the visibility of your page and ultimately attract more likes on your Facebook Fan Page.

Unique content sharing

As is always the case, content is presumed to be king. The more you share unique content, the more you are likely to pique the interest of others. What this means is that you should purpose to share unique photos and ensure that your content stands out. By so doing, you end up attracting more likes to your Facebook Fan Page.

Linking your Facebook Fan Page to your profile

Individuals who link their Facebook Fan Page to their profiles stand a greater chance of attracting more likes. People who visit your profile are more likely to bump into your page and hence increase the chances of attracting more likes.

In effect, attracting of Facebook likes should not be a herculean task as long as a person utilizes the strategies aforementioned. The reason why many people fail is because they fail to hijack opportunities and make their businesses visible. It’s therefore important that you take this into account.

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23. November 2012


Personal Branding vs Corporate Branding and the Effects

Have you heard about Apple? What about Steve Jobs? Have you heard about Microsoft? How about Bill Gates?

When we talk about Corporate Branding or Personal Branding these names just flash in front of my eyes how about you? These brands have personally inspired and have left a huge impact on my life.

Personal Branding vs Corporate Branding

In the following video Branding expert  William Arruda express his views on  Personal Branding vs Corporate Branding.

Four Simple Reasons Why Branding Is Important In Any Business Endeavor

Corporate Branding

Corporate brandingis the use of company’s name on a product as if it is the name of the product. It is associated with enhancing the manner in which the product is perceived and recognized by the public and the customers. A company can have a very good name but its product may not. These companies therefore decide to brand the product using its name so as to change the perception in the market.

 Personal Branding

Corporate branding can be very effective especially when the company has already made a good name for itself. It can ensure growth of the company’s sales and eventually this will translate to increased revenue. Personal brandingis the branding of a person’s personal attributes, assets and personality. This can be done on all what an individual has or possesses.

It is therefore an important aspect to compare and contrast the two. Corporate branding can be attributed to the company and its products. Personal branding again is more personalized as compared to the former. Corporate branding is known for its enhancement of the company’s economic performance. It is known to make a company that has dwindling product’s sales look up.

Many are the times that a company has resorted to this when one of their products has shown diminishing sales. Corporate branding has been ranked among the best methods of reviving a company’s product that has reached a dead end.

Away from turning around the product, corporate branding has the effect of making a product more appealing to the customers and the general public as compared to personal branding that do not have the same effect and only purposes to make personal satisfaction and gratification. When a product becomes more appealing than it used to be the end results will have an economic implication on the company.  The company will have more resources as compared to the earlier days.

Corporate branding is known to affect the operations of the company in very positive way. When the company sales increases and the revenue are ample, the management is likely to increase the salaries of the employees and even offer more enhanced services to its customers. They are also likely to be very timely in terms of paying their creditors and suppliers. The timelier you are in honoring your debts as and when they fall due, the more you are likely to create more confidence in your suppliers and creditors.

A company that has employed corporate branding stands better chance even in the eyes of the financial partners. They will receive more financial accommodation and backing. Personal branding does not guarantee this. Corporate can be very efficient both in the organizations that have multiple products and services and even those that have single products/service. It can work miracles and earn the company recognition and good reputation. After all, this is the main reason as to why the organization is in existence.

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22. November 2012


How to Become An Internet Marketing Rockstar With Empower Network?

Let me share with you one of my Internet marketing secrets: You have to invest with yourself! While you may be able to get free information elsewhere, you’ll still be surprised to find out that you still have a lot to learn. This is exactly what stunned me when I decided to go check out [...]

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22. November 2012


Empower Network Costa Rica Intensive Training Review

Going ALL-IN for Empower Network is the wisest decision that you could ever make in your life. If you are one of the few people who go after what they want and desire the best lifestyle in the world, taking one enormous leap to joining Empower Network is the very opportunity that you shouldn’t pass [...]

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21. November 2012

1 Comment

Consistency Is The Key To Internet Marketing Success

One of the most amazing moments that I usually encounter is people reaching out to me and wanting me to teach them my Internet marketing secrets. Great thing I have remained true to my goals and maintained my consistency in all my Internet marketing efforts. You probably have watched my video about being consistent some [...]

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21. November 2012


How to Build a Successful Social Media Community

Many people who are in the social media just have a few friends who they do not even know well. They only chat and then log out after satisfactory interaction and discussion. They need to form a community to which they can belong to. There is no way that you can have so many friends [...]

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20. November 2012

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How to Achieve Success Definitely …

Success is definitely achievable when you surround yourself with optimistic people and travel the right path. You can only be assured of discovering the secrets of success by doing what other successful people do. Now, evaluating yourself, do you honestly think that you are in the circle of other individuals who are as equally hungry [...]

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20. November 2012


Social Media Today with Marketing Purposes

Likes, share, chats, tweets, blogs… Familiar? This is the new generation social media. Today almost everyone is going social on Facebook or Twitter or  LinkedIn. What about you? It’s like the world has shrunk into a small screen on a laptop or a mobile.   Social Media Today   Today’s generation has risen above television [...]

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19. November 2012


Check Out the Empower Network System

Even I cannot believe in the success that I am experiencing since I joined Empower Network. It is certainly a vast opportunity to learn and earn at the same time. If you are looking for something that can mold you into a successful individual in whatever field you belong to and that can bring you [...]

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19. November 2012


Gauge the Success or Failure of Social Media Marketing

Obama posted an image on 6th of November, where he is hugging his wife to celebrate his victory in the state of Ohio. As per The Guardian, This picture got re-tweeted over 800,000 times. 3.23 million Facebook users liked it, around 4,00,000 shared it and over 100,000 people are liking it every hour today.   [...]

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